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Supply Bright originated from the retirement of the owners of Milliken Distribution Inc. in May 2014.  At that time, the owners of Supply Bright obtained the exclusive rights to manufacture, fabricate and distribute Milliken products worldwide. Since our beginnings in 2014 we have increased our product offerings to include items such as...



  • AluminoX - removes water stains and cleans aluminum

  • OxioX - aluminum protection against corrosion and stains

  • TempTest Awning Fabric

  • Satler Awning Fabric

  • Majestic Translucent Awning Fabric

  • .....and much more



Utilizing our fulfillment centers in Indiana, Kansas, and Florida, we are able to help reduce freight cost and expedite delivery of your orders.  Although not all products are inventoried at all above locations we strive to offer the lowest price and highest in stock inventory in the industry. Although there are many similar products on the market today, you can be assured that Supply Bright products meet the stringent specifications as set by the Matched Staple System Components of Milliken products. The staff at Supply Bright are eager to work with you. 



Bruce Capsuto, President