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Fast Clip system completely eliminates the need for welding awning or sign components together. 
Now you do not need to buy or maintain costly welding equipment or have trained welders on staff.All you need is a screw gun and self tapping tek screws. When used with the patented Milliken Profile (aluminum extrusion) and our proven staple system, the Fast Clip system is a good solution for anyone who wants to produce quickly and profitably!


The Fast Clip System is comprised of 9 different designs, and used in combination can assemble and size and shape sign or awning.


 The Fast Clip System is designed to work effectively and give a tight bond only when used with the Milliken Original extrusions. The Milliken Original extrusions have their own special outer contours upon which the Fast Clips are designed. This includes the Milliken Profiles and the square tubing shapes offered by Suppl Bright, which work together and is yet another part of the Milliken Matched Component System. 

Repair Your Awning On-Site

Fast & Easy  with Fast Clips

Non weld Assembly, fix broken welds in the field,

Assemble Awning Kits without Welding!

*15 piece minimum order- Mix 'N Match*

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Fast Clips FC-1 measurements