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Question arise to our Awning Support Staff on the use of our different profiles, and when should a certain profile be used over another. This month we will briefly discuss the application of the popular MP2A an the MP2B

Drawing at left is MP2B, used as the bottom structural bar surrounding the bottom perimeter of an awning or sign structure. This extrusion provides a flange for eggcrate support (a light diffuser panel) in the bottom of the structure. The inner flange holds the egg crate in position. A reason to use this egg crate support versus the other available extrusion (MP2A) is that it has a front slot that is set up so that a fabric valance can be installed and will hang down in line with the rest of the awning face.

Drawing at left is MP2A, with the slot at the bottom. This bottom position for fabric attachment is believed to be advantageous because it improves the smooth line of the fabric and does not reveal any vinyl insert on the front face of the awning or sign. Fabric attachment is concealed under the structure.


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