Pneumatic Staple Gun for your Milliken profile awning kit
Staple Gun

Our lightweight, powerful, pneumatic staple guns are designed especially for Milliken Profile Awning Kits. This unique staple gun allows the staples to pierce the aluminum and the fabric cleanly and easily to hold the fabric securely in place in the staple channel. 

Air Hammer

The Milliken Profile Awning Kit Air Hammer provides precisely the right amount of cushioned force to mold the vinyl inserts into the staple channel. 

Stretch your awning with our tension clamps
Tension Clamps

These versatile tensioning tools allow you to stretch the awning fabric on any structure. A drum tight finish is assured when using this tool. 

"Z" Clips

These rugged mounting brackets are made from 1/4" aluminum and are used to attach the Milliken Profile Awning kits to the building structures. The "Z" Clips have been designed to meet most building codes. 


Awning Staples

Using the Milliken Staple Gun our Staples are used to attach the flex fabric to the sign retainer. The Awning Staples are available in galvanized or stainless steel. 


Tool Kit

This tool kit includes:

1- Staple Gun

1- Air Hammer

1- Router Plate

1-Router Bit

24- Fabric Tensioning Clamps (sold in 6 packs)          4- Boxes of Galvanized Staples (5000 count)       

1- Staple Remover      

** Special Package Price**

staple remover.png
Forged from alloy tempered steel. A consistently made Osborne quality product. Carefully hardened for long lasting use. Hardwood handle with nickel plated ferrule.