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Galvanized Staples

Supply Bright staples have gone through a manufacturing process change.  Previously our  staples were made by an old type single-wire machines process, today the staples are made by a new and advanced multi-wires machine process.   The purpose of using the new multi wire machines is to make our  staples

  • have a better outlook

  • have less glue marks

  • have a more powerful performance

  • have more stable quality/specifications

  • have higher production efficiency


Our overseas manufacturing partner and their R&D Department has made sufficient testing of the new multi wire process by firing staples into the aluminum plates to verify the quality and performance of the multi wire process to match or exceed the old single wire process.


Please remember that these staples are verified and guaranteed to work with the "Matched Component System" and are manufactured to penetrate the staple channel of not more than 1mm thick.  If the staples are not being used with our "Matched Component System" and the staple channel may be more than 1mm thick, adjustment to the air pressure may solve any staple penetration problem.

Any further question, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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