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The full story:


Supply Bright is a manufacturer / distributor of awning supplies, including aluminum awning extrusions, awning fabrication tools, awning kits, awning fabric, awning cleaning supplies and much more.

Supply Bright is the ONLY company, serving the awning and sign industry, that deals exclusively with awning (and flex face) products. We are the "go to" supplier for everything you will need for any fixed awning project.

Supply Bright started in 2014 as a small local distributor in South Florida.  Since our start we have grown to cover all of the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Island, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Central America, Brazil, and many other locations.

We manufacture our own aluminum awning profiles, staple grove cover (PVC Insert), air hammers, tension clamps and many other products and supplies necessary to build awnings.  With the demise of Milliken Distribution, we have obtained the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute all their original products.  You can rest assured that all of our awning products have been field tested (through Milliken and Supply Bright) for over 40 years as the finest products in the industry.

With over 32 years of combined experience, Supply Bright is the expert on awning design and fabrication.  We are the people other distributors use for technical reference and questions.

You have tried the rest - Now try the Best!



Bruce Capsuto, President

Emily Capsuto, Global Sales Manager

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