OxiX is an innovative, bio-friendly, rust and oxidation barrier that preserves and protects all metals and a lot more. It can be used as a stand alone sealer or as a primer that can be painted over with excellent adhesion. OxiX dries within minutes providing you with a durable moisture and oxidation barrier on your surfaces that will last for years.  OxiX can be applied over rusted or oxidized surfaces to prevent further corrosion.  Even if the coating is penetrated, no rust or oxidation will creep back past the origin of the compromised metal.

Oxix: bio-friendly protectant for all types of metal

An innovative, bio-friendly, rust & oxidation barrier that preserves & protects all metals & a lot more!





SB-OxiX has been specifically engineered to be one of the safest products on the market today. SB-OxiX contains zero VOC's; so, it can be used in areas with low ventilation such as confined spaces. It is water-reducible, so solvent mixing has now become a thing of the past, making your work environment safer. There are no special disposal requirements and cleanup is as simple as washing with soap and water.

OxiX is laboratory proven to protect 
steel, iron, aluminum, paint and more 
under the most severe circumstances.

The right picture is steel coupon hand treated with one coat of OxiX on one side, while the other side is left untreated. the entire piece was then subjected to an application of hydrochloric acid, which accelerates corrosion. You can see how well OxiX protects the metal. 

These are two trailer couplers. Both of them are raw steel. One trailer coupler was treated with OxiX, while the other was left Untreated. Both looked identical when placed outside. One year later, and still today weathering has severely corroded the Untreated coupler while the coupler that was treated with OxiX remains to look brand-new. 

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