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When choosing an awning one decision people are faced with is, do they use the current popular retractable awnings, or the long time tested fixed awnings.  There are many articles and information about the retractable awning business but not much is mentioned about the fixed awning business. 


There is much to say for the advantages of retractable awnings, but their limitation in size, design, shape and location is often overlooked in their favor.  Fixed awnings have the advantage of being custom designed to the specific location so the flow of the awning itself follows the contour of the building.  In addition, fixed awnings may also mimic the architectural design of the building by following any slopes, pitches or bows.


If you design a restaurant with a rotunda dining room and want to cover the outside eating only a fixed awning can accomplish this task and keep the flow of the architectural design.  Column work can be added to fixed awnings to make the addition extend the design of the building.  Fixed awnings also have gables design, dome design, convex design and many other designs. Your design with fixed awnings are limitless, while a retractable awning can only cover that area of rectangle or square.


Fixed awning offers the ability to have internal lighting for evening and nighttime activities, and other accessories can be permanently added to your fixed awning, i.e. cooling fans, music speakers, decorative lights,


Fixed Awnings -  Like retractable awning fixed awnings can be covered with a variety of fabric choices – including solution dyed acrylic like, Sattler, Para Tempotest, Sunbrella and others

  1. Most vinyl and canvas awnings will NOT mildew, rot, and or fade within 2-3 years after installation.  Most vinyl and canvas awning fabric have a 5 to 10-year warranty.

  2. Fixed awning can be built to any style and virtually any size.  Fixed awnings can be built to be continuous around corners, arches and special angles.

  3. Fixed awning used to accent building and home windows to block sun and U.V.

  4. Fixed awnings can be built to match the contour and design of the building exterior.

  5. Translucent awning fabric can be used to will allow some light to pass through while keeping heat and harmful U.V. wave out of the covered area.

  6. Fixed awning frames are made of the same aluminum as retractable awning – 6063-T5 and will not rust. 

  7. Frames can be painter of powder coated to customers request.

  8. Broken or cracked frames can be fixed on site, and with our Fast Clips there would no need for welding or replacing sections of frame.

  9. Fixed awning frames are available in different wall thickness (.090 & .125 are the most popular) for better durability by frame design

  10. There is no moving part to breakdown.

  11.  All components of fixed awnings are made in the U.S.A.

  12.  Save money on energy costs (heating bill).

  13.  Fixed awning fabric can be refaced on site to match change in building color or composition.

  14.  With fixed awnings property covered by the awning and the interior of the window is always protected by U.V. rays.

  15.  Fixed awnings with the Matched Awning Components can withstand winds of 140 MPH.

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