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Aluminum Brightener is a special blend of acids and catalysts "activators" that reduce the activation energy needed for aluminum brightening and aluminum cleaning.

The catalysts make the surface of the aluminum more reactive and this allows the acid blend to be more productive on bare aluminum.

It has been developed to improve safety of those cleaning with traditional aluminum cleaners and brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid Brightener); yet still have a product that removes road film, grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, water stains, oxidation, and will brighten bare aluminum. Works just like traditional cleaner and brightener WITHOUT the negative hazards associated with the product.

Forget the toxic and poisonous concerns and step up to the brightener of the future!

Examples of aluminum extrusions with water stains and then cleaned with Aluminum Brightener. 


Mill Finished Aluminum Cleaning - on mill finish aluminum, like older pontoons and unpainted flat aluminum panels on aluminum trailers, the aluminum turns light gray. The more you dilute the cleaner, the less grayish color you will get. Mill or brushed aluminum will never go back to the showroom finish. However the grayish color is 100% better then the oxidized black.

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