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A credit card authorization form is a formal document that a customer signs to approve a charge to their credit card. It states that the cardholder agrees to the charges set forth by the merchant. Supply Bright can use credit card authorization forms as documented proof to validate credit card transactions and protect us from wrongful fraud and chargeback claims.

Credit card authorization forms are used for recurring payments and card-not-present (CNP) transactions. A credit card authorization form keeps a customer’s card on file so Supply Bright can charge a credit card at a future date, without requiring customer permission every time.

CNP transactions happen when the physical credit card and the cardholder aren’t there at the time and place of the transaction. As such, these transactions are more susceptible to fraud.

A credit card authorization form serves as an extra form of proof for CNP transactions. So, if Supply Bright needs to protect against wrongful fraud or chargeback, we have proof of authorization to help make protect against wrongful fraud or chargeback.

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