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End of The Bag & Sag

Since the introduction of acrylic awning and boat fabric, awning manufacturers have found that regardless how tight one tensions acrylic fabric in a structure, it almost always bags and sags in wet weather and dewy mornings, but usually assumes a taut appearance when the sun hits the surface later in the day.

Supply Bright found a way to eliminate this negative in most instances.

The fabric is cut into ready-to-install panels and soaked in a water trough for about 16 hours overnight. The fabric is then inserted “wet”, which puts the fabric into the frames at its maximum stretch point. Thereafter, since the fabric is uniquely tensioned in 360 degrees in the Supply Bright frame structures, it usually stays taut in any kind of weather.

This element can help separate one local company from the rest of the crowd in the marketplace. It is another key, distinctive feature of the Supply Bright System.

Supply Bright - Your one source for everything awning

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